Modular Mini Series is the latest product of Miu-Audio in 2009. This series include different kinds of single unit pre-amplifier, power amplifier, DAC and other accessories in modular format. Customer can order two or three unit to build a complete integrated amplifier. Also, to match with your own color scheme, different color can be available for your choice.


Model MKRP-1
This single unit modular headphone and pre-amplifier work nicely with our MKP-1 power amplifier. The same compact design makes them a perfect match even in different colors. Using dual TI NE5534 ICs for each channel, and with our special design DC/DC power circuitary, high power but low noise is the result. MKRP-1 can easily drive any headphone with impedence from 16 - 300 Ohms, and you will be surprised with the quality when working as a pre-amplifier in your audio system.

- Input Impedence
- Max Input Level
- Frequency Response
- Output Power

- Max Gain
- Input

- Output
- Power Supply
- Dimensions
- Color
10K Ohms unbalanced
+18 dBV
25Hz - 150KHz (+/- 3dB)
450 mW/side, THD+N:0.1% ( @16 Ohms )
108 mW/side, THD+N:0.1% ( @300 Ohms )
20 dB/Channel
Audio IN RCA (Left/Right) x 1
Audio IN 3.5MM jack (Left/Right) x 1
Headphone OUT 3.5MM jack (Stereo) x 1
DC 12V-13.2V (max.)
(W)67mm x (H)27mm x (D)118mm
Black, Aluminum, Red, Blue

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Mini-series bochure
MKTP2- User Manual